8-Year-Old Girl Killed By Her Mother For Loving Her Father Too Much

In an Uptown home, Amaria Osby’s mother killed the 8-year-old girl because she “loved her father too much.” We may be able to assess whether Amaria’s murder had additional causes now that we have discovered fresh records.

According to a story by Chris Tye of CBS 2 on Tuesday night, Amaria, who died at the age of eight, was recorded by the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services as early as age three. In this instance, the administration admitted that the rules had been broken. However, we are learning that the eight-month account provided to us may differ significantly from the one provided to the mother, who is already facing a murder accusation.

Last May, Amari’s mother, Andrea Hagler, convinced her to consume bleach. Hagler later acknowledged strangling Amaria with a plastic bag because “she loved her father more.”State DCFS child welfare workers visited Amaria and her mother at their Uptown home a few hours earlier. DCFS neglected to make an effort to get in touch with the family for 60 days after receiving an allegation of neglect for Amaria in the spring.

“60 days? DeMarcus Osby, Ameria’s father, described it as “a genuine kick in the face” to Tye of CBS 2 in June of the previous year. “They might have taken her prisoner. My daughter may have been taken,21 prisoners. If they had taken hold of her, my child may have been saved. DeMarcus Osby claimed to have brought attention to the girl’s abuse in June, but he kept being refused access to the youngster. He talked about the motive for the murder.

Osby stated in June that “she was honest with the agency” as the reason why. She was truthful. She was non-liar.

That her mother was torturing her, Osby claimed.

However, based on a report obtained by CBS 2 from the Cook County Medical Examiner’s office, it is now more clear what those DCFS officers observed and said to Ameria’s mother in the hours preceding the murder.

According to the ME’s findings, family members. After her mother visited the Department of Children and Family Services, Osby was going to be taken from her and given to a different guardian.

If true, it runs counter to what transpired in June as described by DCFS. It read, “The investigator visited the home and spoke with the mother and child. Physical mistreatment or neglect wasn’t mentioned as a problem.

We sought clarification from DCFS regarding their position on that June statement in light of the updated facts provided by the Medical Examiner’s office. We have not received any replies.

In this instance, both the DCFS employee and supervisor were released from their duties related to child protection.

One of them is now back to parenting. We were unable to contact DCFS for a status update on the other.

Despite the fact that America’s father’s lawyers claim they just received these new documents today and need some time to analyze them, America’s father opted not to comment on Tuesday night.

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