Athena Strand Cause of Death: Who Killed Her And Why?

Athena Strand Cause of Death: On November 30, 2022, a person named Athena Strand was reported missing in the region of North Texas. The messenger claims that Athena’s stepmother told the police she checked on her daughter’s whereabouts around 5:30 o’clock. & discovered she was not in her room.

Athena Strand was last seen wearing a pair of blue pants with white flowers on the pockets, a pair of brown boots, and a grey long-sleeved sweater. She had just left her father’s home on County Road 3573 in Paradise when she vanished.

Athena Strand Cause of Death

There are allegations that FedEx driver Tanner Horner was responsible for the kidnapping and subsequent death of a little child. On Friday evening, Sheriff Lane Akin gave an interview to the local media in which he updated them on the latest findings of the inquiry. Akin has confirmed that Athena’s body was found about 8 o’clock in the evening, around 6 miles from her home.

According to the authorities, it is highly likely that she passed away within an hour of her kidnapping. The driver has admitted his guilt and is currently being held in the Wise County Jail on charges of capital murder and aggravated kidnapping. The motorist is accused of driving while under the influence of drugs. A bail amount of $1.5 million has been decided upon for Horner.

Where Is Tanner Horner

Tanner Horner was apprehended and charged with first-degree murder and aggravated kidnapping in connection with the death of Athena Strand. The charges stem from the circumstances surrounding the death of Athena Strand.

Athena Strand Cause of Death
Athena Strand Cause of Death

He operates as a freelancer for FedEx out of Lake Worth, which is located in Texas. According to NBC 5, Horner, who is 31 years old, does not have a criminal history.

Athena Strand Family

Maitlyn Gandy is Athena Strand’s mother, but the identity of the young woman’s biological father is unknown. Maitlyn, Athena’s mother, has consented to let her daughter spend the fall semester in Texas with her father and stepmother even though she has legal custody of Athena. This is despite the fact that Maitlyn is Athena’s biological mother. Maitlyn calls the southern corner of Oklahoma her home. Follow techyshady

What Athena Strand Grandfather Said

Mark Strand, Athena’s grandfather, expressed his sorrow at the loss of his granddaughter in a post that he published on Facebook the day after the body of the young child was found. As Strand stated,

“This man I am, is angry, and I want five minutes alone in a cell with the madman that stole our Athena away from us, yet there’s a soft quiet voice in the back of my head telling me I need to forgive him.”

I may let that voice die out and be forgotten if I give in to my hatred. If I don’t forgive this man, then that nasty spirit of hate will have triumphed,” he added. And that’s why this soft voice keeps telling me I need to forgive this man.

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