How Did Dora Die: Fact Check Of Famous TikTok Trend

How Did Dora Die: TikTok is responsible for yet another odd and eerily macabre fad that has spread throughout the internet. This time, Dora the Explorer is at the center of the controversy, and she is being targeted by the cynical humor of TikTok. Along with a number of other characters, such as Winnie the Pooh and Mickey Mouse, the Nickelodeon Jr. persona was an indispensable component of our formative years.

However, the practice of asking “How did Dora the Explorer die?” has the potential to violate the privacy of users’ childhood memories, leaving many users bewildered and shocked when they encounter the viral trend. So, did Dora actually die? Continue reading to discover.

What Is ‘How Did Dora Die’ Trend?

The last few days of May saw the beginning of a trend on the platform centered around the question “How did Dora the Explorer?” This was mostly due to the shocking nature of the question. Many users would have been left wondering how they could have possibly missed the passing of such a famous character as a result of this trend. This is especially true when considering how untypical it would be for a children’s show to write about the passing of its primary protagonist.

TikTok users are prompted to record their emotions after the trend encourages them to google the question “how did Dora the Explorer die?” in the title of the video. It has resulted in a number of shocking responses that have left people speechless, which is to be expected. Because of the dramatic nature of some of the most popular videos associated with the trend, those videos have garnered thousands of views and likes.

The video that has gained the most attention in relation to this trend is one that was uploaded to TikTok by user Talia (@talialopes_) on May 28. The in-video caption for this video reads:

“Record yourself before you search ‘How did Dora die?’ and again after you do so.”

How Did Dora Die

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In just three days, TikTok has amassed an astounding three million views and five hundred ninety-nine thousand likes. The most popular comment, which has received 44.4 thousand likes, expresses the shock that most people felt when they realized that the video was making reference to one of their most cherished television shows from their youth, Dora the Explorer.

Their greatest fears were realized when other comments confirmed that the trend was actually referring to the Nickelodeon hero.

How Did Dora Die

You can relax knowing that the show’s canonical version of the main character did not pass away. Dora the Explorer had a remarkable run on Nickelodeon Jr., airing from the year 2000 all the way up to 2019 when it concluded with the release of its own movie. On the other hand, for the length of its run, the children’s animated series never once made a reference to Dora’s passing away.

That begs the follow-up question: What does Google return as the search result then? If the response was that Dora had not actually passed away, then surely it would not evoke the dramatic reactions that have been plaguing the platform for the previous few days.

When visitors search “How did Dora the Explorer die” on Google, they are sent to a website on named List of Deaths Wiki. This page may also be accessed directly. The page has the notation “Dora Kill Count -17,” which provides a rundown of 17 distinct ways in which the explorer could lose her life.

Among these macabre prophecies, “Pushed into quicksand by Boots” is one of the ones that has been mentioned in the comments section of the trend the most frequently. “Knocked into a river by Swiper and drowned,” “Fallen to her death when her parachute failed to open,” and “Disintegrated by a lightning bolt” are the three ways that she met her end.

These are not merely the unconstrained musings and fancies of individuals with overactive imaginations. All of these macabre situations were inspired by a parody song uploaded to YouTube in 2012 by a group of musicians going by the name TheStringiniBros called Dora No More.

Back in the day, the film had 8.7 million views and 88,000 likes, indicating that elementary school students were an unexpectedly large audience for its content. In spite of the fact that it was only a straightforward parody, the video’s aftermath caused quite a commotion on TikTok.

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