Texas Attorney Was Discovered Dead Four Days After Making A Threat To Shoot His Ex-girlfriend

Police have recovered the body of a Texas lawyer who threatened to shoot his ex-girlfriend at a club last week by pulling out a revolver.

Following a call asking for a welfare check, the Austin Police Department discovered the corpse of Gavin Rush, 41, on Wednesday just before 4:30 p.m.

His death is not thought to be suspicious, according to the police, and their investigation is still open. Authorities withheld the cause of his death.

Four days after being detained on November 26 for pulling a pistol on his ex-girlfriend while she was working at a bar, he was discovered dead.

The victim spoke with the police. According to the arrest document, her three-year relationship with Rush terminated approximately a month and a half ago. The affidavit stated that she claimed he had been trying to restart their relationship during the previous week but failed when he realized she was interested in dating someone else.

Rush and the victim texted back and forth for several days, during which time he made “threats to hurt himself and the other person” that she was beginning a connection. The affidavit said that she eventually stopped responding to his texts because she was at work.

On Saturday, Rush entered the pub in the 10400 block of Anderson Mill Road as she was working behind the counter. He sat down on a barstool and placed a small leather satchel on the counter.

So you just aren’t going to talk to me, he asked the victim. “No,” she retorted. He then took a revolver out of his bag, pointed it at her, engaged the laser sight, and set the red dot on her chest.

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