Texas Man Sentenced In St. Louis On Drug And Gun Charges

Texas Man Sentenced In St. Louis On Drug And Gun Charges: A man from Texas was given a sentence of nine years and two months in prison by a federal judge for attempting to evade police in St. Louis while carrying a pistol and cocaine.

In July, Montez Jackson, 33, from Houston, Texas, entered a guilty plea to two felony charges. The charges were possession of cocaine with the intent to distribute as well as being a felon in possession of a handgun. He also admitted that he was found in possession of the weapon and the drugs when he was taken into custody.

On July 19, 2020, officers with the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department saw a gray Audi drive through the neighborhood of Wells-Goodfellow without stopping for a stop sign.

The license plate of the vehicle had not been properly registered. After that, the Audi took off, going through another stop sign, and eventually colliding with another car.

Jackson jumped out of the car and ran away as quickly as he could. He was apprehended after a drawn-out search for him.

In Jackson’s vehicle, the police found a handgun with a 9-millimeter caliber and an extended magazine, along with 29 grams of cocaine base that was packaged and ready for sale.

Jackson was found guilty of two felony gun offenses and six felony drug offenses during the course of his criminal career.

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