Where Is Meriam Al Khalifa Now: Are The Princess And The Marine Still Married?

Where Is Meriam Al Khalifa Now: Meriam bint Abdullah Al-Khalifa is a member of Bahrain’s Royal House of Al-Khalifa as well as the Al-Khalifa clan. It is common knowledge that Meriam emigrated to the United States to escape her family and her native country of Bahrain.

She ran away with a United States Marine Lance Corporal named Jason Johnson, who at the time was serving in Bahrain as a member of a counter-terrorism squad protecting Americans living abroad.

Meriam was given permission to stay in the country and submit an asylum request after she was helped to illegally enter the United States by Lance Corporal Johnson and US Customs threatened to send her back. She claimed she was terrified of honor-based violence from her family because she had left her nation and been dating a non-Muslim. The reason for this was that she had started dating a non-Muslim.

Meriam Al-Khalifa was finally able to reconnect with her family in Bahrain after receiving what is colloquially known as a “Green Card” from the United States Immigration and Naturalization Service in May of 2001. Additionally, she was finally able to communicate with them.

Meriam traveled all the way back to Bahrain at the end of 2001 to spend time with her family, despite the fact that she had previously stated in interviews that she dreaded the possibility of being killed or injured while in her native nation of Bahrain.

After the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001, Meriam and her family were extremely concerned about “violence towards persons of Middle Eastern origin,” she added.

Where Is Meriam Al Khalifa Now

A former Marine and a young Bahraini monarch, whose story led to a made-for-TV movie in the United States and controversy in her home country, got a divorce after five years of marriage. The story was the inspiration for the movie.

When Jason Johnson and Meriam Al-Khalifa announced their decision to divorce on November 17, one day after celebrating their fifth wedding anniversary, Jason Johnson told the Las Vegas Review-Journal that “that was what she wanted.” According to what it says, they are unable to get married.

Johnson deceived his superiors by bringing his wife to the United States, and he was punished for his actions in a court-martial. He narrated the tale as if it were a tragedy from the play “Romeo and Juliet,” which culminated in the nightlife of Las Vegas, opposition from the family, and at least one death threat.

In the divorce documents, Al-Khalifa was not represented by an attorney in any way. On Monday, there was no one to be seen at her apartment to answer the door, and it was unclear whether she was going to remain in the United States.

Where Is Meriam Al Khalifa Now

Johnson spent the month of January 1999 serving his country on the island nation of Bahrain, which is located within Saudi Arabia. Sheik Abdullah bin Ibrahim Al-Khalifa is a distant relative of Sheik Hamad bin Isa, the current monarch of Bahrain. Sheik Abdullah bin Ibrahim Al-Khalifa has five daughters, one of them is named Al-Khalifa.

They met in a shopping center and ended up falling in love despite the fact that they were Mormon and Muslim.

Her family gave the order to put an end to the relationship. They continued to correspond covertly with one another through the assistance of a store employee located at the shopping center.

Following the completion of his tour of service in November 1999, Johnson invited Al-Khalifa to settle in the United States. He posed as someone else by using a phony identification and dressing in costume, which included a New York Yankees baseball cap.

Because of his role in the incident, Johnson was brought before a court-martial, and he was subsequently demoted and discharged from the Marine Corps. Al-Khalifa fled to the United States in order to protect himself from being persecuted for his political beliefs.

Las Vegas was the location of the wedding, which took place on November 16, 1999. He was 23. During that time period, she was 19 years old.

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