Who Is Inventing Anna Based On: Read The True Story Behind The Netflix Crime Drama

Who Is Inventing Anna Based On: Anna Sorokin, who was born in Russia, has been able to persuade New York’s high society that she is a wealthy German heiress.

Using this identity, she was able to acquire hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash, as well as products and services, which she used to fund the construction of an exclusive art club.

Who Is Inventing Anna Based On

It didn’t take long for the true-crime series Inventing Anna, which made its debut on Netflix on February 11, to become an instant smash.

Anna Sorokin, portrayed by Julia Garner, was a con artist who pretended to be a German heiress named Anna Delvey while actually residing in New York City. Anna Sorokin’s real name was Anna Sorokin.

During the time that she spent living in New York City, Sorokin was able to swindle her way into the bank accounts of a number of wealthy socialites, in addition to a number of famous banks and hotels.

Who Exactly Is the Model for Anna’s Invented Self? The New York article “How Anna (Sorokin) Delvey Tricked New York’s Party People” was written by Jessica Pressler, who was an acquaintance of Sorokin’s in the past.

This story served as the inspiration for the 2019 Netflix series. Following the imprisonment of Sorokin, the story has been transformed into My Friend Anna, a novel written by Williams, as well as an unaired HBO series.

The events that occurred to Anna Delvey and her current location are detailed in the following parts.

Who Is Real Inventing Anna

Anna Delvey, who was born in Russia but went by the name “Sorokin,” pretended to be a wealthy German heiress in order to defraud the banks, hotels, and members of New York’s high society out of millions of dollars.

In the summer of 2013, the 31-year-old woman, whose family had relocated from Russia to Germany when she was a youngster, arrived in New York in order to cover Fashion Week for the French fashion magazine Purple.

She had been a student at London’s Central Saint Martins, but she eventually withdrew from the school and traveled to Paris, where she legally changed her surname from Sorokin to Delvey. Her previous surname was Sorokin.

After arriving in New York, she was transferred to Purple’s office in the city’s capital and began mingling with the wealthy members of the New York art scene. At the same time, she was trying to sell investors on the idea that she had for the Anna Delvey Foundation, which would be a private members’ club and art foundation.

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She bilked a number of her close friends out of thousands of dollars over the course of the subsequent five years by luring them in with the promise that she would pay for their trip expenses and then “forgetting” to pay them back.

She always used the justification that she had access to money from her family as an alibi for her behavior. She was also successful in defrauding hotels by failing to present a credit card, and she persuaded financial institutions to lend her tens of thousands of dollars by allegedly submitting fraudulent checks.

Crimes Committed By Anna

In order to socialize with the city’s elite, Sorokin spent time in New York pretending to be a wealthy German heiress. She deceived a number of municipal residents by using phony bank and credit card statements.

In order to entice affluent benefactors and enhance her reputation, she founded the Anna Delvey Organization, a private club and art organization.

Who Is Inventing Anna Based On

Sorokin’s failure to pay her bills led to her being ejected from a number of hotels. In an undercover operation in October 2017, Sorokin was apprehended.

At the time, she was a client at a recovery facility in Los Angeles County, California. It was claimed that she had taken somewhere around $275,000 throughout her trial.

On April 25, 2019, all eight charges against Sorokin were judged to be true. These included grand larceny, grand larceny attempts, grand larceny, and service theft.

She was given a 4- to 12-year state jail sentence in May 2016, as well as a $24,000 fine and $199,000 in restitution.

Where Is Anna Delvey Now

Sorokin was taken to Bedford Hills Correctional Facility and then to Albion following her trial. She was released early in 2021 and went back to using Instagram.

Because she had overstayed her visa, she was detained by US Immigration and Customs Enforcement in March.

After spending a year in ICE prison, Sorokin is now awaiting deportation to Germany.

On March 15, 2022, ICE informed PEOPLE that Sorokin is still being held in a New York detention facility “awaiting removal.”

According to Der Spiegel, Sorokin reportedly refused to go to the airport while her attorneys begged the judge to postpone the decision. Authorities in the United States are attempting to set a new date for her deportation, most likely following the March 19 appeal deadline.

According to Bloomberg, Sorokin was freed from an ICE detention center in Orange County, New York, on October 5, 2022.

She is required to post a $10,000 bond and is prohibited from using social media, where she flaunts her opulent lifestyle to friends and potential investors.

According to The Daily Beast, Sorokin will be in “24-hour incarceration at the furnished residential area” while going through the immigration process.

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